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DK Alpaca Yarn – Rose Grey, 80/20 Merino


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4 oz. / 113 gr.

Yards/Pound – 1192. Skein yards – 298. Skein meters – 272.

Batch #: AM1-19

Grist 3 – DK

2 ply

Grade 1/2

Content: 80% alpaca / 20% merino

A super soft alpaca yarn that would be best suited to items worn next to the skin. Cowls, shawls and scarves come to mind, but any project that uses this weight of yarn will turn out great.

Handcrafted by Alpaca Time in Harriston, ON.

Care Instructions

1. Hand wash in cool, soapy water. Do not agitate.

2. Rinse in water the same temperature as the wash water, squeeze gently.

3. Lay flat to dry.

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