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Relaxed Fit Alpaca Socks



Relaxed Fit alpaca socks fit in a shoe or boot and are specifically designed for anyone with impaired leg circulation or diabetes as well as leg swelling. These medium weight crew length alpaca socks feature our blend of 70% alpaca fibre for comfort, warmth and moisture wicking as well as 30% nylon for added durability, memory and resilience. A strand of nylon is knit in at the sock machine to shape the sock. The rib design has more give, the cuff is wider and there is NO elastic for a non-restricting fit. Finally, a relaxed fit sock that is warm! Great for year-round wear. Handcrafted by Alpaca Time in Harriston, ON. *Colours may not be exactly as shown.Materials: 70% alpaca, 30% nylon and 0% elastic Care Instructions 1. Hand wash in cool, soapy water. Do not agitate. 2. Rinse in water the same temperature as the wash water, squeeze gently. 3. Lay flat to dry.

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