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Terry Short Leg Outdoor Alpaca Socks


Ladies size: 5-6½Ladies size: 7-8½Ladies size: 9-10½Ladies size: 11-12½Ladies size: 13+
Youth to size: 4Men size: 6-8Men size: 8½-10Men size: 10½-11½Men size: 12-13


If you find that the Large, XLarge or XXLarge Terry Outdoor Winter alpaca socks are too long, then this is the sock for you. The Terry Short Leg Outdoor Socks are a version of our Terry Outdoor Winter Socks that are approximately 1.5" to 2" shorter in the leg for those sizes but still has plenty of "stand-in-a-snow-bank" warmth. Terry Short Leg Outdoor Socks are meant to be worn in any kind of boot for superior warmth and cushioning.

They feature our blend of 69% alpaca fibre for comfort, warmth and moisture wicking as well as 31% nylon for added durability, memory and resilience. At the sock machines a nylon shell is knit on the outside of the socks to shape them and another layer of nylon is knit in from above the heel to over the toe for maximum durability. Elastic is added in the cuff for an extremely soft, warm and durable winter sock!

These socks are great for anyone who has to wear work boots outside in the winter time, for watching hockey at the arena, snowmobiling, hunting, ice fishing and more.

NOTE: Our Terry Short Leg Outdoor Socks tend to fit big and have some stretch. If you are in-between sizes, choose the smaller one. For example, a Ladies 11 could choose a Large instead of an XLarge for a better fit.

Handcrafted by Alpaca Time in Harriston, ON.

*Colours may not be exactly as shown.

Materials: 69% alpaca, 31% nylon

Care Instructions

1. Hand wash in cool, soapy water. Do not agitate.

2. Rinse in water the same temperature as the wash water, squeeze gently.

3. Lay flat inside out to dry.

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