Alpaca Time alpaca socks have a green toe seam. Check it to be sure you have our authentic, quality socks.

Alpaca Time's medium-weight alpaca socks include:
- ankle high Pro's Choice socks which are perfect for hiking, camping or even playing golf;
- crew length Star Trekkers socks which are great for any outdoor activity, watching hockey at the arena or simply going for a walk; and
- crew length Relaxed Fit socks which are specifically designed for anyone with impaired leg circulation or diabetes, as well as leg swelling.

Alpaca Time's thicker Terry socks include:
- crew length Terry Pro's which provide "stand-in-a-snow-bank" warmth and are worn in boots for superior warmth and cushioning all winter long; and
- angle high Terry Slipper which offer cushy comfort and warmth at home, the cottage or on cool camping evenings.

Alpaca Time's alpaca socks contain an 80% alpaca/20% nylon blend. Although nylon isn’t a natural fibre, it does the best job of adding the fibre memory that alpaca needs, and at 20% it enhances the alpaca without taking away from all of its amazing characteristics. We dye the nylon onsite using low impact dyes to keep our socks as natural and environmentally friendly as possible.