We recommend that alpaca yarn is knit with wooden or bamboo needles because it's a more slippery fibre. The needles will grip the yarn and make it easier to knit. Just about any crochet hook will do.

Alpaca Time's alpaca yarn is sorted by Grist, a measurement of the weight and density of yarn. The grist number corresponds with the yarn logo number on the back of any yarn label.

Grist 0: Lace
Grist 1: Fingering
Grist 2: Sport
Grist 3: DK
Grist 4: Worsted
Grist 5: Chunky
Grist 6: Bulky
Grist 7: Super Bulky

Our alpaca yarn is kettle dyed onsite using low impact dyes to keep our alpaca yarn as natural and environmentally friendly as possible. We offer different blends of alpaca yarn, from 100% alpaca to 80% alpaca / 20% nylon or merino, and more. Yardages vary by skein.