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  • Premium Alpaca Products

    Crafted for Comfort

    Premium Alpaca Products

    Discover our high-quality alpaca products, designed for comfort and style. Sustainability guaranteed.

  • Stylish Alpaca Ponchos

    Warm and Fashionable

    Stylish Alpaca Ponchos

    Embrace the seasons with our natural alpaca fibre ponchos. Lightweight and luxurious.

  • Luxurious Alpaca Blankets

    Cozy All Seasons

    Luxurious Alpaca Blankets

    Indulge in warmth and softness with our alpaca blankets. Perfect for any time of the year.

  • Creative Alpaca Knitting

    Yarn and Kits

    Creative Alpaca Knitting

    Unleash your creativity with our alpaca yarn and knitting kits. Endless possibilities.

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Discover a wide range of exquisite alpaca products designed to elevate your style and enhance your comfort. From cozy apparel to luxurious home essentials, immerse yourself in the world of alpaca craftsmanship.

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Get Free Shipping on orders over $125!*

Naturally Luxurious

Unparalleled Warmth, Comfort, and Sustainability

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Local Crafted Alpaca Fibre Products

Our Range of Alpaca Products

Experience luxury and comfort with our exquisite alpaca products. From cozy socks to elegant scarves, discover the perfect blend of style and softness in our collection. 

Discover the Benefits

Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled warmth, comfort, and sustainability. Experience the exceptional qualities of alpaca fibre, from its natural insulation to its hypoallergenic properties. Learn more about why alpaca fibre products are the perfect choice for those seeking luxury and eco-conscious fashion. 

Customer Favourites

Explore our curated selection of best-selling alpaca products loved by our customers worldwide. From cozy blankets to luxurious accessories, discover the exceptional quality and timeless appeal that make these items our top picks. Find your new favourite alpaca product today. 

Our Story

Embark on a journey through the remarkable story of Alpaca Time. Founded in 2005 by Deb Griffey, our small business has grown into a renowned manufacturer of premium alpaca products. From humble beginnings to becoming a trusted name in the industry, we are passionate about crafting exceptional alpaca items.

Driven by a shared love for alpacas and a desire to create sustainable products, Deb and her sister established Shears to You, a fibre mill dedicated to processing alpaca fibre into exquisite yarn. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to craftsmanship, we quickly gained recognition for our superior quality and innovation.

Over the years, Alpaca Time has evolved, expanding our product range and refining our processes. From custom alpaca processing services to developing our own line of wholesale and retail products, we remain dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect.